Why write about Corona?

Most of us have had enough of Covid-19.

Not only due to the social and economic restrictions that the government has introduced because of it, but also because Corona infiltrates all areas of our everyday life. It doesn‘t matter whether you turn on the TV, go online or chat with your neighbours – of course with the required security distance: The only possible topic seems to be the virus. Nonstop.

We know this. And yet we are introducing a new column where we will be mostly talking about Corona and its impact on our society. Why?

Even though Corona is very present in the media and constantly discussed, we find that there is very little contribution from a philosophical perspective. However, we are convinced that especially now a lot of important and interesting ethical and philosophical questions arise. These questions need to be considered when we decide how to act and react during the crisis. In a democratic society, it‘s crucial to constantly reevaluate the measures of the government from different points of views and with a philosophical foundation. This also applies to the private measures each and every one of us takes against the virus.

This column is not meant to give absolute answers but to provide a space for discussion: about the ethical implications of the virus, about questions which arise with it and about aspects of the crisis that we maybe haven‘t thought of before. We are curious to find out about your opinions and are happy about any comments you leave!

Illustration: Hannes Pfeifer

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